Our cookie policy

My Money Bank pays especially close attention to respecting your privacy. With this in mind, we wish to disclose to you clearly and transparently our policy for depositing and using mymoneybank.com cookies on your connection terminal.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small files that are placed and stored on the hard drive of your device when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to identify you, to signal your viewing of a page and, accordingly, to offer you higher-quality browsing quality, secure your connexion or, in some cases, adapt the content of a page to your interests.
The information stored by cookies is valid for a limited time only and mainly includes pages visited, ads on which you clicked while browsing, the type of browser you use, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and information you have inputted onto a website so you will not have to input it again.
Types of cookies used on our site
Also with a view to respecting your privacy, we use only statistical analytical cookies for the sole purpose of enhancing our website for visitor requests. These analytic cookies help draw up anonymous visitor statistics, for example on the number of visitors, the number of pages viewed, and activity on our website (the most successful pages and headings, the most read  paragraphs, user paths, etc.). The technical analysis solution used by My Money Bank is “Google Analytics”, developed by Google.
Your choices of cookies
If you do not wish for My Money Bank to register analytic cookies on your connection device, you may at any time:

  1. Specifically refuse the deposit of a “Google Analytics” cookie by downloading the complementary module developed by Google, and accessible by clicking here.
  2. Configure the deposit of any type of cookie (including the “Google Analytics” cookie) on your connection device via the parameters of you browser, in order:
    • to manually accept or reject cookies of any type from a given source; as well as
    • to request the systematic display of a message requesting prior consent from you for depositing a cookie on your connection terminal.

Each browser’s configuration is different. To make your choice, we urge you to consult the following links, depending on the Internet browser that you use.

- For conventional devices:

- For mobile devices: