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Emission de Capital AT1
My Money Group issues Additional Tier 1 capital

My Money Group issues Additional Tier 1 capital to strengthen its capital ratios, diversify its investors’ base and support the growth of its activities.
My Money Group completed its inaugural additional tier 1 issuance by raising EUR 100 million of perpetual, deeply subordinated notes at a fixed rate.
The transaction strengthen the Tier 1 capital ratio by 2.5% (was 15.7% at 30 June 2019) and supports the controlled growth of activities.

My Money Group further strengthens its funding profile with the ...

MMB SCF completed today its second covered bonds public issuance following its October 2018 inaugural transaction.

My Money Group raised EUR 500 million of “Obligations Foncières” on a 10-year maturity (soft bullet). These bonds are rated AAA by Standard & Poors and offer a yield of 0.11% p.a. (Mid Swaps + 27 basis points).


My Money Bank completes its second public Auto ABS issuance

My Money Group successfully priced EUR 300 million of Asset-Backed Securities (« ABS ») backed by auto financing receivables. This is My Money Group’s second public Auto ABS transaction following its inaugural deal closed in December 2017. The notes offered to the market are rated AAA by Fitch and Moody’s and have a yield of Euribor 1 Month + 31 bp.

Promontoria MMB- BESV
Promontoria MMB announces the completion of the acquisition of ...

Paris – 28 December 2018 – Promontoria MMB SAS (My Money Group) announced today the completion of the acquisition of Banque Espirito Santo et de la Vénétie (BESV), a credit institution specialized in advisory services and financing for companies as well as banking services for businesses and individuals. 

This acquisition, announced in June 2018 by BESV's majority shareholder, Novo Banco, is an opportunity for My Money Group to expand its product offering and broaden its activities into commercial banking.

My Money Bank successfully launches its covered bond program with ...

MMB SCF priced today its inaugural EUR 500 million 7-year (soft bullet) covered bond transaction.  The yield of the bonds, which are rated AAA(p) by Standard & Poors, is 0.85% (mid-swap + 21 basis points).


S&P GLOBAL RATINGS attribute an investment grade rating to My ...

My Money Bank anounces that il has received a BBB-/A-3 (long and short term) delivered by the international rating agency S&P Global Ratings.