We are located in Mainland France and in French Overseas Territories

Our global footprint

My Money Bank relies on the commitment of its teams located in Mainland France and in French Overseas Territories

Mainland France

My Money Bank provides financing to retail and corporate customers and focuses its development on the financing of the real economy.

We operate through a network of more than 2000 partners, as well as directly with our customers.

We have two main locations: 
Our Paris-La Défense headquarters and our Nantes, France, Operations Centre of Excellence.

French Overseas Territories

My Money Bank is also present in French Overseas Territories with three subsidiaries:

somafi-soguafi is a finance company operating for over 50 years in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana.

sorefi is a finance company established in 1972 and specialised in consumer loans and business equipment financing in Reunion Island.

A market leader in the financing business in
French Overseas Territories

For over 50 years, we have developed our local expertise in each territory and played a key role in financing  the economy and contributing to the social activity.

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Ethics and compliance

A responsible bank
built on core values

Our conviction is that the success of My Money Bank and its subsidiaries depends on the actions of each and every one of us. Our future is based on our professional skills and our integrity, in accordance with laws and regulations.

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A compliance charter
at the service of our partners

My Money Bank is service-based bank whose products help finance the real economy and meets the financing needs of our individual and professional customers.

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