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2017 marks a new chapter for My Money Bank, a year of major achievements and new ambitions. Our activities exhibit strong performance. 

My Money Bank unveiled its new identity to the banking market. It refocused its strategy on its key profitable financing and investment businesses with a strong growth potential.
As My Money Bank continues its transformation, this new momentum drives new projects and development sources based on our values (Adapt, Innovate, Perform, Federate).
In order to be competitive, we will focus our efforts on the modernisation of our IT systems as well as the digitalisation of our processes, moving towards a single distribution mode. AGILE we will be !
Our customers are at the heart of these efforts. My Money Bank will continue to assist its partners in developing products adapted to the market’s needs in savings and debt consolidation products.
Our subsidiaries in French Overseas Territories have confirmed their leadership positions, particularly in personal loans, where we have growth aspirations.
New financing products, such as debt consolidation, will be offered and other corporate client segments will be explored.
These new growth drivers will enable My Money Bank to build a solid and efficient business model based on a rigourous risk management framework. My Money Bank is also an entrepreneur. We are on the watch for growth opportunities in France and in the euro zone. Satisfying our customers’ needs, carefully listening to our partner's needs and innovating – this is our roadmap.

CEO of My Money Bank

On 28th March 2017,
My Money Bank revealed its new identity on the banking market.
Our bank has refocused its strategy on profitable financing activities with strong growth potential

2018 outlook

After a transition year, My Money Bank group embarks on a important transformation phase, wich will enable it to achieve its ambitious objectives. A 20 million euros investment will be dedicated to modernise our IT systems and digitalise our processes in order to further enhance our operational efficiency.
Our refinancing capacity will also be a key factor to maintain the profitability and growth of our core businesses and also expand the investment capacity required for our development.
Our growth strategy will require actively exploring investments and growth opportunities in the French and European markets. We will execute on this ambitious plan whith integrity and unyielding regulatory compliance.

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Our GOVERNING BODIES monitor the implementation of the group’s strategy.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of seven experienced members with solid banking market expertise. The board of directors approves the Bank’s strategic plans and supervises their implementation.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of 10 heads of department and business units.
Its role is to determine the bank’s strategy and supervise its implementation.

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