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Interview with Niccolò Ubertalli

I am delighted to join the My Money Group teams. I thank Eric Shehadeh for handing over, as well as our shareholder, our president Chad Leat and our Board for their trust.

The year 2023 will be intense and rich in projects, I am confident that we will achieve our objectives thanks to the resilience and commitment of our teams, as well as to the choices that have been made in terms of strategy and investments.
Our values ​​of adaptation, entrepreneurship, performance and cohesion have never been so meaningful and guide us on a daily basis.
Alongside our strong business and financial performance, we continue to play our important role as a responsible employer
and continue to invest to better serve our customers and partners.

Many actions have been undertaken to accelerate our transformation in the core business and to make the integration of the retail banking activities of HSBC France a success. On this last point, key steps have been taken, such as the signing of the memorandum of understanding with HSBC, the establishment of a team dedicated to integration and the decision to relaunch the CCF brand. This will now allow us to finalize the final integration steps.
I would like to sincerely thank all the employees of My Money Group who do a remarkable job on a daily basis, as well as
our partners and customers for their trust and loyalty. We now look forward to building the Group of tomorrow.

Niccolò Ubertalli

Niccolò Ubertalli
CEO of My Money Group

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