and Compliance

Values based on integrity and expertise

Compliance is a matter of trust and reputation for

My Money Bank and

its subsidiaries.

In 2017, My Money Bank has maintained a solid governance framework and high compliance standards. This framework ensures compliance with regulations and professional ethics applicable to employees, shareholders and partners of My Money Bank & its subsidiaries.

The My Money Bank group teams embody these values:


  • Seizing each growth opportunity
  • Testing, sharing and deciding with agility
  • Innovating with our employees and our customers


  • Capitalising on our results-oriented culture
  • Placing profitability at the heart of value creation
  • Achieving and exceeding the company’s objectives


  • Recognising our employees’ commitment
  • Communicating in full transparency
  • Committing ourselves to respect and diversity


  • Managing change
  • Being on the lookout
  • Investing in talents and training

Expertise and integrity

Our future depends on our professional skills and our integrity

Our challenge is to share the dedication and confidence of all our Group’s employees, partners, customers and shareholders. To achieve this objective, we strictly comply with laws and regulations. In addition, we must ensure that each decision is underpinned by profound ethical responsibility.

Code of conduct

Our conviction is that My Money Bank and its subsidiarie's success depends on the behaviour of each of us. Our future depends on our professional skills and our integrity, in unyielding compliance with laws and regulations.

It is with this spirit that the code of conduct was established. It guides our attitudes and our behaviours.

It is who we are.

View our code of good conduct