Business lines

Our range of financings and services

Automotive financing

Our automotive (auto & moto) financings are offered through our dealer partners in French Overseas Territories.

Solutions for retail customers:

  • Loans
  • Leases, with or without a purchase option

Our solutions for professionals:

  • Loans,
  • Leasing
  • Long-term leasing
  • Finance leasing 
  • Tax related products

Our product offering is designed to enable decision-makers to fund their investment needs in order to achieve their growth aspirations. Sectors include manufacturing and farming equipment, office and IT equipment, transportation, material handling, construction, vehicle fleets management.



Our optional insurance:

As an insurance broker, we offer insurance and additional optional services, together with our loan and lease financings to retail and corporate customers:

  • Guaranteed auto protection (protection for vehicule total loss);
  • Warranty extension to protect customers from the cost of repairs in case of mechanic breakdown and provide road side assistance towing replacement vehicule;
  • Borrower insurance.

View our automotive financing offers in French Overseas Territories:

In Reunion

In the French Antilles

Consumer loans

We offer in the French Overseas Territories financings to help our customers carry out their projects, including personal loans, revolving credit, and insurance.

A range of personal loans, to meet the needs and  fulfil the projects of our retail customers:

  • Home improvement 
  • Household equipment
  • Construction works
  • Car
  • Travel
  • Wedding
  • ...

View our consumer credit offering in French Overseas Territories:


In Reunion

In the French Antilles


Debt consolidation

We offer refinancing loans with or without a mortgage guarantee, to our retail customers.

A range of solutions

My Money Bank offers a range of refinancing loans (to consolidate both mortgage loans and consumer credits), and provides tailor-made products adapted to our customers specific situation.

The debt consolidation offering is available in Mainland France.

View our debt consolidation solutions in Mainland France


We offer a range of savings products to our retail and corporate customers.

For retail customers

My Money Bank offers a range of savings products:

  • Term accounts.
  • Interest-bearing savings accounts.

For corporate customers

  • Term accounts.
  • Interest-bearing savings accounts.

My Money Bank is supported by a number of partnerships with independent wealth-management advisors, in addition to its in-house teams to distribute its saving products.

Our savings products are only available in Mainland France.

Financement immobilier entreprise par My Partner Bank

Financing real estate professionals

We finance real estate professionals

My Partner Bank is a My Money Bank brand renowned for its expertise in financing real estate professionals.

My Partner Bank specialises in financing all types of real estate market players (e.g. property dealers, property developers, etc.), across all asset classes (e.g. residential, offices, commercial, etc.), in Île-de-France and in the main cities of metropolitan France.

My Partner Bank is differentiated from its peers and is able to provide a superior service to its clients thanks to :

  • dedicated bankers with a long market experience that are able to advise on the structuring of projects and to tailor solutions for complex financing needs
  • integrated business and support functions that make-up a short decision-making circuit, for faster responsiveness and added flexibility to accommodate the evolution of our clients’ projects.

My Partner Bank