My Money Bank,
a Bank of Values 

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My Money Bank is a bank operating in Mainland France and French Overseas Territories

Our vision: to develop our bank into a European growth platform.

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A four product lines offering through four brands in Mainland France and French Overseas Territories.

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A responsible bank
built on core values

Our conviction is that the success of My Money Bank and its subsidiaries relies on the actions of each and every one of us. Our future is built on our professional skills and our integrity, in compliance with laws and regulations.

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A compliance charter
at the service of our partners

My Money Bank is a service-based bank whose products help finance the real economy and meet the financing needs of our individual and professional customers.

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Automotive financing

A full line of financing and optional insurance.
A “Professional” line to assist companies in their development.

Consumer loans

Solutions for assisting customers in achieving their plans, including personal loans, revolving credit and insurance.

Debt consolidation

Homeowner loan repurchases, with or without mortgages, for retail clients.
Tailor-made assistance and customer journey.


A savings products offering for retail and corparate customers.
Distributed via a network of wealth management advisors.

2021 Annual Report

Our news

My Money Group-HBCE

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with HBCE to acquire its ...

My Money Group announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with HBCE to acquire its retail banking activities in France

•    Envisaged transaction to add high-quality retail bank network with 244 retail branches and 3,900 experienced employees serving approximately 800,000 customers across France

•    Combination aims to re-establish and build on the Crédit Commercial de France (CCF) brand, well known for the excellency of its retail banking expertise and wealth management solutions


My Money Group announces the merger of My Money Bank and My ...

With this merger which became effective on 31st December 2020, My Money Bank replaced My Partner Bank in all its rights, actions and obligations. My Partner Bank becomes a commercial brand of My Money Bank and continues to offer its expertise in professional mortgages to the real estate sector.


MY MONEY BANK annonce avoir finalisé l'acquisition de Société ...

My Money Bank, banque indépendante détenue par Promontoria MMB annonce avoir finalisé ce Lundi 2 Mars 2020 l’acquisition des titres de Société Générale de Banque aux Antilles (SGBA), filiale auparavant détenue à 100% par le groupe Société Générale.


My Money Bank propose en France Métropolitaine des solutions de financement aux particuliers
(regroupement de crédits intermédié) et opère sur ces segments de niche avec des parts de
marché significatives.



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